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All comments made on December 8th 2010: Chapter 19 Reading Notes It is interesting to see how young people today have such a desire for conversation through non-personal means. What ever happend to good old face-to-face conversation. Hopefully the youth can learn to leave their computers to go out and go through interpersonal social conversations. … Continue reading

ISC Connections 7

For my final connection I will share five great ways on how to be persuasive through writing on the web that I learned on a PR site. 1. Write a compelling, “story-worthy” headline. This is absolutely essential. When marketing any product it is important to show your audience that your story will benefit them by … Continue reading

ISC Connections 6

In light of the start of the new 2010-11 hockey season I have been reading press releases for the Boston Bruins NHL team. I researched about some of the players and their blog sites where I was thoroughly impressed with how well they conducted themselves on Twitter. Many players in any professional sports use Twitter … Continue reading

ISC Connections 5

So I came across a company called Carolina Public Solutions and their website tells me that they are the oldest PR firm in Charlotte since 1983. Their practice areas include; corporate communications, media relations, crisis communications, marketing communications, community outreach and education, and more for companies in a range of industries as well as local … Continue reading

ISC Connections 4

The other night I decided to try and broaden my cooking horizons by looking for new recipes on the internet. When I searched through Google I came across a really great blogging website for some really great recipes. I never thought of the idea for making a blogging website all about great food, but I … Continue reading

ISC Connections 3

While doing research for PR video blogs I came across a guy named Jeff Crilley. He has put out a series of video blogs on Youtube about PR work and tips on improving your skills. The videos are actually very useful for someone interested on learning about the basics to becoming a PR professional. His … Continue reading

ISC Connections 2

I was checking out some of the PR strategies for the UFC and found some video blogs done by spokesman  Dana White. The videos are all behind the scenes looks at major moments in PR work for the widely popular UFC events and their promotions.  Dana White and has his entourage following him around with … Continue reading

ISC Connections 1

I have recently created an account on Twitter and was interested in all of the different NFL players that were getting buzz on ESPN. SO I decided to take a look at some of the more popular athletes on Twitter. Recently, the star wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, Steve Johnson posted about the game … Continue reading

ISC Topic 5

My 5 Pieces of Advice for future Strategic Communication students: 1. Do not procrastinate. It is always better to do your work ahead of time, so that you can be prepared for any unforeseen problems. 2. Always set small outcomes that will keep you on track towards an outcome. It is always good to have … Continue reading

ISC Topic 4

The most important thing that I have taken from this class is the ability to be able to send PR messages through various kinds of media networks. A PR professional must be well versed in print, newswriting, advertising, social media, radio, corporate office structure, etc. In order to perform the best strategic communication possible our … Continue reading